Members Helping Members


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The $15 membership fee runs from January through December (includes all household members). Effective July 1, the fee is reduced to $8 for the rest of the calendar year.

Complete the membership application online, print, and mail or bring to a meeting along with your check.

Volunteers, Please Enter Your Time Here

The implementation of the Volunteer Recognition Program begins on March 1st with the activation of a tracking system for the hours each member contributes to our club. The data we gather will help us understand the extent and importance of the volunteers in our organization.

All volunteers should report their hours on a weekly basis. Please use the Volunteer Hours Form found here. The information collected on the form is for internal club use only. You should report your efforts by type of activity and the amount of time you contributed (rounded to the nearest quarter-hour).

Thank you to every volunteer!

Derrell Dean, President
Computer Club of Hot Springs Village