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2016 Summer Classes

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Many of our popular classes fill up quickly and registering early will assure you have a seat. All classes are held in room 5 at Coronado Community Center unless stated otherwise in the descriptions below.

Registration Fees:

See class descriptions for fees. Join CCHSV at the class (includes all members of the household) and get the member rate immediately.

Payment of Fee:

Fees are payable at the class. Make your check payable to Computer Club of HSV. You may join the Club at the clas and get the membership discount immediately.

Registration Closure:

We need to give Coronado Community Center advance notice if we have to cancel a class date because of low registration. Also, our instructors need to know how many students will be in their class for handouts. Therefore, class registrations will close two weeks before the class.


Register online for CLASSES by clicking the Register Here Button.

How Do Our Classes Work?

Click on the Register button below. You will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours of registration. If you do not receive this email, contact the Registrar.

If the class is full, you will be put on the wait list. An email will be sent to you advising you of this status. If an opening comes up, you will be switched from the wait list to registered, and an email will be sent advising you of the change of status.

A reminder email will be sent around 5 days prior to the class. If you cannot come to the class, please let us know ASAP.

Fees are paid when you come to the class. Do not pay in advance. Please pay by check. If you must pay in cash, please have the correct amount as we keep very little money for change.

The Club furnishes a laptop for each student unless otherwise specified in the class description. There is only one student per laptop, so you do not have to share.

We have one assistant per two students giving you individual help.

You will receive a class handout prepared by the instructor.

If you bring a flash drive, we will download the class handout along with other documentation pertaining to the class subject.

For questions or information or to cancel your registration, call Alicia at 501-260-8468 or email Registrar.

Windows 10 Essentials Series

Instructor: Rob Tillotson
Fee: $20 Member / $30 Non-member

Part 1: 1:00-3:00, Tuesday, July 19
Part 2: 1:00-4:00, Thursday, July 21

Prerequisites: Successful completion and/or equivalent knowledge of basic computer skills.

This is a two-part course designed to give the new Windows user the necessary information to effectively use his/her computer's Windows operating system. It is also designed to show those contemplating upgrading to a Windows 8 computer what to expect in the new system. It will show the uses of Microsoft's new modern interface user interface and changes to Windows system components. The student will see that the friendly system they are used to is still there, but that a second faster and more transparent system is available. Major apps in the Start Screen will be discussed. Coping without a Windows 7 version of a start button will be discussed.

The desktop and system tools will be covered thoroughly so the student will be able to get the best use from them and be better prepared for the other Windows course offerings. Some of the settings system tools will be covered more thoroughly in this series. Both interfaces will be covered in an interleaved fashion, so it is important to attend both sessions in the series. Bring your questions and we will try to work them into the series.

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Introduction to the Use of iPhone/iPad

Instructor: Renee Steinpreis
Fee: $12 Member / $20 Non-member
1:00-4:00, Monday, June 20

Prerequisites: Bring your own device, email address and passwords.

New to iPhone or iPad? Wonder what the buttons mean and what they do? Where are all the things hiding that I can do with this mobile device? What do the settings mean, where are they, and how can I or should I change them? If you have these questions, this class is for you. It will cover basic information about and how to navigate your new Apple Mobile device.

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